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Reading material?


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My Graphtec FC4200-75 will no longer read the material size from the plot window. I use Flexi 7. So is it the plotter or Flexi? Anyone else had this problem?




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What do you mean by "No longer"? Did it used to function properly and suddenly stop or did you change/upgrade/twiddle something?

There is/was a Graphtec firmware update and a corresponding Flexi 7 patch the addressed this very situation. But that was about 18 months or so ago and I'm not sure that your particular model was affected.

Clue: If the media size sensing returns exactly 1/10 the actual size in roll mode and returns the proper size in sheet mode, this most likely is the problem.


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Sorry, missed the typo it's an FC4100-75 not 4200. It was fine, been doing it for a few weeks from what I'm told. When you click on Poll Size it just says cutter is not responding to poll size.


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Whe I had Flexi 7.5 for PC id never read my FC-7000 size, however I just upgraded to Flexi 7.7 for MAC and it reads it fine now. so you may need to just reset your prefs. in your software.