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Need Help Realistic Motocross Bike Images

Darion Judd

New Member
Good Afternoon,
We’re looking for some photos that we can photoshop our custom Moto kits on to. A couple larger companies we compete with currently have been using some images that look almost exactly the same! Would anyone happen to know where they got them from? They both have the exact same shadowing and angles. Any help would be awesome! I attached the photo files for example. Again, these are two different companies on almost the same level. I can’t imagine them ripping one another off.
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Just FYI
Rival Ink and Split designs are not really "separate" companies, if you follow the owners on instagram they have more to do with each other than you may think.


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Yep, a high res camera and go to it. Those are actual bikes up on stands. Professional photographers are your friend for doing stuff like that.

Darion Judd

New Member
Thanks all for the feedback. I was able to gain a little information from Rival ink. They stated they were the first to do the “3D modeling”.

would any of you know of a company that could do this?