Rearranging cartridge placement?


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Printer: JV3-250SP
RIP: PhotoPrintDX - Production Manager (Flexi based)

Hi all,

Every now and then, in an attempt to improve our output, I dabble in head-aligning and creating profiles with bi-directional printing in mind. I'm never impressed with the result though, as chromatic banding is really evident in darker areas, and I quickly abandon the idea.

I'm on the verge of creating a new profile set though, and I'd like this one to be a standard in the shop for a while, so I want to push for as many improvements in it as possible, including bi-directional printing, free of chromatic banding.

I'm aware that the main culprit on the Mimaki printers is the ink order, and was wondering if it was possible to switch the cartridge placement in the JV3 to force the proper output for a bi-directional friendly print. Most of the technical manuals I've poured over cover converting between variants of 4, 2x4, 6, and 8 ink systems, but I've not found any mention of placement as anything but the default YYCCMMKK.

Has anyone converted their JV3 to run in a YCMKKMCY or similar symmetrical configuration? If so, what steps were involved?

Thanks guys!


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I have never done these myself but I believe it is achievable with the ColorBurst Rip which will allow you to change the configuration of the installed inks. As I see it, you have 2 challenges. First is to configure the printer to either accept the inks in new positions or reroute the ink to the desired head positions. Second would be to configure your rip to switch the ink order. As I mentioned above, ColorBurst is the only rip I know has this capability.

Please let us know how this works out. I have always wondered why more companies do not order their inks in this fashion


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I have always wondered why more companies do not order their inks in this fashion

No kidding! I don't understand why bi-directional printing would even be an option if the output is essentially broken. It's a half feature that, unless you can guarantee no chromatic banding under any circumstances, is really just a bullet point on a sell sheet.