Recommendation needed ?


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Back before I got smart and labeled all my materials I bought some great poster paper that I am now running out of and don't know who made it.

I print on a Roland VP-540.

What (in your opinions) is the best Eco-Solvent poster material that is NOT polyester ?

I've tried SIHL 3629, but had issues with it, so Poly is out.

The stuff I had was mat finish with a micro-grain texture and it was pretty thick and tear resistant, although not tear proof.

Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated . . .

Thank You ! ! !


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Not sure what your intended use is, however when I wanted to print on poster material I wanted to use the Roland material, when I contacted Roland they told me they discontinued the poster paper.

I searched around and found a great company called Fisher Textiles, they sell several different types of Eco-Sol ink printed material. They have one called H7870 Digitex Sat that has a nice matte fabric texture and repositionable adhesive on the back. Good for posters to attach to walls etc.

Some of there materials come in wide rolls, but they cut them to 54" for me.

Look under Inkjet - Solvent

Hope this helps...


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Try searching the forum. I'm sure this has come up before. My only recommendation is to avoid Intelicoat Postermax. We used it for a few years, before I was the one making decisions, and every roll we ever had would stick to itself as it unrolls, and then the prints would always stick again on the takeup reel, so we had to let it spill onto the floor.


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we have been using fiber mark materials for paper/poster. they have a variety to choose from. been using it almost a year with no problems. solvent or uv print. not too expensive either.