Recommendation on Floor Graphics material


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I need a recommendation on a floor graphics material that will be printed on an Eco Solvent printer in two parts and contour cut before being applied to a fresh painted concrete floor. The customer wants to clear coat the floor after the un-laminated graphics are applied.

I am not comfortable with the clear coat over the graphics. I would be more comfortable with applying the graphics on top of the clear coat after laminating.

Has anyone done this before? Recommendation on materials please.


I would be cautions of the "fresh paint" and outgassing

When you say "clear coat" are you talking about an epoxy / resin coating?
We have done this before, both for ineterior and exterior floors also did an outdoor patio counter top.
just be mindful of the UV / light exposure about fading and color shifts. we used plotter film and so far no complaints, taking that as a good sign.


plenty of floor vinyl out there but if they are going to clear coat over the top it doesn't matter what vinyl you use at that point.
(on a concrete floor i would probably use a high tack vinyl)
i would be more concerned with how the clearcoat will react with the vinyl and ink.
the vinyl could curl or shrink, you could get an adverse effect with the ink. really sounds like something you would want to test first