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Reformatting computer, need to make a backup of Saved commands in Fireworks


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pretty much what the title says.

How do you make a backup of the saved commands in fireworks MX.

I'm getting ready to reformat my computer and I have over 30+ commands saved into the fireworks program.

I went to - program files on the C:/ drive and looked all through there and couldn't find anything that would resemble a user profile.

I searched yahoo & google and couldn't find anything there either.

Anyone know if there is a file or set of files that store the saved commands?

thanks in advance!!


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This may be where they are at :)


  • fw_cmd_files.jpg
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  • fw_cfg_files.jpg
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Ahh... Thank you very much..

This was the last item that I needed to back up before reformatting.

Happy Holidays!!