Refurbish HP Z6100 42 & 62 Wide Format Printer - Many Units


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A local company is having clearance on their refurbished Z6100 42" 62.

Company is proud to announce a Refurbished Z6100 non PS Printer Sale at shockingly low prices. We are selling both the 42 inch and 60inch- refurbished Z6100 non- PS printers. Act fast because at these prices our inventory will be sure taken quickly.
Z6100 62 inch printer price $3500
Z6100 42 inch printer price $1999
If you would like us to upgrade one of these machines to a PS unit- there will be an additional $500 charge.

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Sorry man I already posted this stuff a few weeks ago at a much more aggressive price. Not many takers as there are way more solvent users in here. Im selling them at $2800 for the 60" (no such thing as a 62")


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Z6100 and 5500

I am looking Z6100 60" printer for 2000$. Qty: 20pcs is anybody got that printers. and also HP5500 60" printer qty: 10pcs