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Registration marks?


New Member
when i try to cut somthing on Graphtec robo pro 2 it says registration mark reading has failed and when i try to change it, it wont let me change any thing, i cant click on anything?????


New Member
Graphtec Robo Pro Registration Marks

I'm very new as well to cutters as well as to the whole industry, and I'm trying to do my homework and learn.

I own a Robo Pro I'm trying to learn at the moment, but this is a common complaint, and there were a couple of recommendations on other forums.

First of all, believe it or not, if you're using a USB cable with a gold connector, switch to silver.

Secondly, it doesn't pick up registration marks well from a laser printer, but it does from an inkjet.

You might try to increase the light level around the machine itself.

You might also want to try printing the registration marks separately, cutting them out in a square, and actually sticking them on top of the originals.

Hope that helps!

Marilyn Woodman