remote printing from iphone


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So i think i have a nice set up going on. I use logmein off my iphone to print remotely. I know someone is going to say what if something goes wrong, well i also have PTZ CAMERA that i use to veiw the print head and take up reel and ink banks. So how do i know when iam out of media this is where it gets even better i hooked up a small night vision camera to the back of my mimaki cjv 30-130 looking at the media spool so i know how much media is left and if something goes wrong. All my cameras can be veiwed off my iphone. Of course this is a long run job. Load the media and print off the whole roll. Had to share wanted to know how many people do the same. Now only if my wife could load the media hahahahahah good luck.. For those who say why. I work full time day time job. So i fixed my problem of coming home at night and sitting their all night watching it print. Spend time with the kids all 4 of them. I should have bought a tv. I know i know. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Oh ya guys and girls pls take it easy on me. I never post but thought this was to good to keep to myself.:Canada 2::Canada 2: :thankyou::thankyou: leo
Cool! I've got a long print run coming up this week and was thinking of doing something similar.

Did you have any trouble setting up logmein? What software are you using for the cameras?



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logmein runs great off the iphone, off my pc at work it seems to log off every so often. i have a 8ch dvr at home that is what runs my cameras. icms. even i 4ch dvr card from tiger direct would work also.4 kids so i have all the doors covered hahahahah 2 girls 2 boys young but wow the grow quick this helps:wine-smi::wine-smi::wine-smi:


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I am out of town quite a bit, this would be helpful also just to run a test print to keep some ink in the heads. I have done this with logmein before, but not through my iphone...yet:) Thanks.


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I do the same thing for our Mutoh. I haven't had any problems using logmein on my iphone or the computers. It saves me alot of time.


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I use teamviewer on my iphone and monitor ink, and printerstatus in rasterlink.

Also media you can monitor the residu if you switch on the media resudal function in the Mimaki CJV. find it a great function : load new roll, enter length end printing - print media residual on the remaining part of the roll.

In Rasterlink you now have the media residu on the screen.

Erik - Belgium