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Remove adhesive residue from shrinking wall wrap?


New Member
One year ago, my team installed a large wall wrap in a hotel lobby, that is 6 ft. tall x 30 ft. long. We overlapped 6 sheets of high-tack vinyl 1/2". Fast forward to the present and now the vinyl has shrunk 1/8" at every seam and left adhesive exposed. The hotel manager wants the adhesive removed. We tried alcohol and goo gone, which did the trick but the problem is we used matte laminate and the goo gone is turning the laminate glossy. So we stopped to find a solution. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.


New Member
We use "Rapid Remover" and it doesn't affect the sheen. Maybe a lacquer thinner on the gloss area, but use sparingly to test a small area. Otherwise, I know the graffiti remover usually mattes up gloss signs.


New Member
I have used a matte spray to fix things like this before, getting it to match nicely to the other version of matte is really tough though, and I would recommend testing it on a hidden spot to make sure it doesn't eat the vinyl.