Remove media clamps error Roland RS-640

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So when printing on 30 inch material. Normally...I go to cut and it always says remove media clamps every time I always click enter and it cuts the sheet off.

Now when I do the same thing...the carriage runs just past the material then zips back to its housing and it pops up with remove media clamps...first off I will say that I am not using media clamps.... second I have to restart the machine just to be able to sheet cut.

The platen is clean so it isn't seeing anything dirty and mistaking it for clamps so I dunno whats going on.

Anyone else have this problem?


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The Roland media clamps that come with that machine have the potential to collide with the Sheet Cut Blade when performing a "Sheet Cut". To help prevent this, there is a setting in the menu tree of your printer (in the Sub-Menu I believe) that allows you to specify that you are using media clamps or not. Choose the option of not using media clamps and push enter... this will disable the warning that you are getting.

The downside is watching the carriage getting hung up on a media clamp if you decide to use them & forget to take them out before a sheet cut.

I work for a Roland distributor in the Southwest, feel free to call if you need any further help. 214.642.5835 -Jared