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Suggestions Replacing captops idea!

Jim Hill

New Member
Many users use OEM cap tops and others use after market cap tops and for a while I was having a problem with the after market cap tops sealing the head properly.

After changing cap tops a few times I realized that the problem was not the after market cap tops!!!

Now I replace just the two springs under cap tops and that seems to do the job of sealing the cap tops much better.
My springs had stretched just a little but that was enough that they were not applying the right amount of pressure to the cap tops. I purchased a bag of ten springs for about $6.50

If you are having issues with the print head with drop out because the cap tops are not sealing properly before changing cap tops try installing two new springs first and you may just find out that this was the problem and not the cap tops.

Jim Hill

New Member
I called Digiprint Supplies in Miami and told them I had an SP-300V and they send me the correct length springs.

Once I compared the New springs with the old springs I could see that the old springs were stretched out and were longer which means the New springs had more force in them to push the cap tops up into the heads when it was in the parked position and sealed properly so that there was no air leak.

I have always found that when the cap tops were in the parked position and you connected a syringe to the tube below the cap top you should be able to draw ink through the line on the very first pull. If you find yourself trying to pull ink through the line over and over with no success it is because some where in the system there is an air leak.

When you perform a test print and you find what's called dropout for one of the heads it might be time to change cap tops or it might just be the springs under the cap top that need changing.

Hope that helps explain how important springs can be to a properly sealed system.


New Member
I know I will get flamed for this. But, I lost one of my springs and replaced it with one out of a ball point pen. It has been there working and sealing for 3 years now. That said. I DO NOT recommend this. Chances are it will not work as well as mine did.

Jim Hill

New Member
That is a cleaver idea when you are in a pinch and don't have a replacement spring handy!!!

The kiss of death is when they get stretched out because then they loose there tension and really don't do anything.