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Resale Value?? Help again...


New Member
Does anyone have any idea what the resale value of our Gerber Edge (I) would be approximately? Someone has suggested to list it when applying for the VersaCamm to offset the cost.

Before anyone asks....NO I don't want to keep it...LOL


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
From what I can tell it isn't worth enough to let it go. Probably in the $4000 to $6000 range.

If I get a Versacamm I won't be letting my Edge go. Too many repeat jobs to even consider that. Plus I do a regular business in things the Edge can do that the Versacamm can't ..... like printing on clear with a white base coat for window decals.


New Member
I'd keep it ... Could also be used as a back up in case something hapens to the versacamm (god forbid).

Dale Horn

New Member
Keep or sell ? Depends on your customer base - if you can't justify it based on past sales/realistic sales projections , sell it and partner with a good wholesaler. :signs101: