New Guy Responding to your online reviews - first in a series

Robert Armerding

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This thread is the first of what will be a series of short posts about responding to your online reviews.
What I will be emphasizing is that responding to reviews opens up a new way to market your sign shop. Some sign makers find it difficult to write responses. I am here to help. No charge.
Here is the first of the series. We want to thank your client for the review and their business. Now, because every response must be unique, we will use various synonyms for thank, like appreciate, or grateful. Then, we want to use their first name, either in our thank you sentence or in the next sentence.
In the second sentence, we will quote a phrase from their review. Look to see if there is a phrase that tells about how they feel. In other words, shows emotion. Quote that phrase and reflect on your own feelings about the project, like your pride, what you enjoyed, what was fun, was there a challenge?
On the new way to market, much more will be forthcoming, but some of it can start to show up in your unique feelings about this particular sign project.
So much for now. Several more threads are on the way. Feel free to join in.
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