New Guy Responding to your online reviews - third in a series

Robert Armerding

Merchant Member
This is the third in series about responding to your online reviews.
Recap of where we are. In the first thread, we introduced the idea that responding is a new way of marketing you sign shop. And, we introduced the idea that your clients write their reviews based on their feelings about doing business with you. They gave you their business and now they have taken some of their precious time to write a review about about your sign shop.
In the second thread, we brought up the idea of showing that you care.
Now, in this third thread, we are going to reach bedrock. This thread will set the foundation for all that is to come. Ultimately we want to build an authentic response from your heart
Let’s set up a test to see if it is working. We want to see if people will say, “I noticed your response.”
It is time to start. If you want to write the best response you can, you’ve got to be intentional about it. Yes, your sign shop life is very busy and complex. Take a notepad and clear your mind from all that is floating around. We want to give your full attention to this process. It is that important. It is going to take some deep thinking and deep feeling to do this properly.
It is essential to focus on the three audiences listed in the second thread in this series: 1) your client, 2) your team, and 3) potential clients. Take a fresh page on your notepad and begin to capture your thoughts. What might you say to make them feel worthwhile? Could you offer any encouragement? How can you show that you believe in them? The idea here is to get as much on your notepad as possible. Indeed, the key outcome of responding to reviews is that anyone reading your response will believe in you. Continue collecting your thoughts. What was it like working with your client on this sign project? Then especially search your memory for something one of your team did that was above and beyond the expectations. Then look for something that might have been fun. Was there a challenge that was solved through joint effort? Then wait for a day to let your thoughts gel. Come back here tomorrow and we will start putting the building blocks together.