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Retro Clipart !


New Member
I just ordered this clipart package from Tony at : http://www.retroadart.com/

And I can't wait to get it on Friday . . .

I expressed to him that becoming a merchant member here could be of great benefit to him,

so hopefully after speaking with Fred and working out the particulars,

we may see Tony and his RetroAd Clipart as a new merchant member here soon !



New Member
Yeah . . . I paid the full price, but who knows,

maybe if he comes on board he can offer discounts to 101 members !

Anyways, I hope he'll take the plunge as he's got some of the best stuff

I've ever seen, and I think this would be a good outlet for him to sell !


New Member
Agreed for some, but I personally have never had any issues
vectorizing art that I needed or wanted . . .
I agree that if this collection came in EPS formats I'd be happier, but it doesn't . . .
And yet it still amazes me the quality of the the retro images that i've
been looking for for ever and a day, so I'm willing to vectorize my own files if necessary !


New Member
back in 95-96 i bought the ZEDCOR graphics, which is now ART TODAY on line. it was 15 cd's and most of it is 600 DPI TIFF's. but at the DPI i send to trace program and it is a vector.....most times without any problems.


New Member
Got the 1800 plus images with a full color catalog on 03/16/2007 as promised . . .

It has turned out to be way above my expectations . . . This stuff rocks !

No! it's not vector, but who here worth a damn can't make that happen in a heartbeat . . .

I hope Tony decides to join our little [but growing] family as a merchant member !