Retro Sign Made On a Vision 1624 Engraver


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Here is a sign I made using a Vision Engraving & Routing Systems 1624 Engraver. The idea behind this is to beable to change out the circle widgets to diffrent images. Depending on what type of trade show we go to. I wish I made the back ground circle-arrows design in a diffrent color to stand out more. Here are some photos below.

Here is the my Retro Sign I made with a 1624 Engraver

Retro Sign Back Ground Design

Cutting out other elements of the Sign

Here is the printed on version of the sign.

I'm planning on doing a series of these retro style signs.
But before I move forward any input positive or negitive would be much appreciated. :biggrin:


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Looks great - and the ability to swap out your picture circles will help a bunch.
A neat idea that I just thought of would be to set the sign on a frame and build in a spot for one (or several) of those digital picture frames in the backing. Then, you could set the picture frame(s) into screen saver mode and shuffle your pictures. Some even allow videos. Since many of them run on batteries, you could upgrade them to rechargables and just swap them out at the beginning of each day of the show.

Sample frame at: (No endorsement intended - example only)


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Thats Brilliant... these littel screens are pretty inexpensive when you think about the possibilities you could do... Great Idea will definetly look into it the next sign I make...

Thanks for the idea..

When I do something I'll post it up.