Reusable Leader Ideas?


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Hi, wondering if anybody has a tip for making a reusable leader for our Vutek 150SC.

We print on vinyl rolls 36", 48" & 54" mostly. And we waste about 5 feet of media each time we load a different roll.

I tried using a scrap roll of 36" vinyl decal, attaching about 5" of the sticky end to the new media... but that didn't work out too well.

Any Ideas?


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not familiar with that machine, but what we do is print and wait 5 minutes untill the media is long enough to reach the roll, and tape it on, no waste. but if the media has to be attached to the take up roll before the print starts, maybe some banner material fastened to a core will work?


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Yes, the media has to be attached to the take up roll, and that sounds like a great idea! Can't wait to give it a try!

But now I'm wondering how much tape and what kind... masking tape good enough?

And will the heat melt the banner? ( we use a special metal mesh thing on the bed of the printer when printing on our gloss banner material )

But I'll do some testing.

But hey, Thanks for the great idea!