Revitalizing my 4b

amy s.

Can anybody tell me what I need to get my old 4b set up again. My old desktop with Win 98 threw craps and I need to get the 4b up and running. Can I run it with my laptop? I only cut vinyl, no digital stuff. Is it possible to get an older (historic) version of Graphix Advantage to work with it? Anyone got one? I have the dongle and everything intact just like it was when unplugged from the old computer....except the GA floppies were shot too and couldn't be reused.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Your problem is not which computer or operating system you have, or that your Signmaker IV is old, it is that you do not have the Gerber software in an installable condition. I run Omega 3 on Windows XP Pro and it has the drivers necessary to run a Signmaker IV equipped with an LMK card. Graphix Advantage was a 16 bit application and won't run on anything beyond Windows 98. Omega is a 32 bit application so it will run on any OS up through the current Windows 7.

You should shop around for a used legal copy of Omega ... version 1.5.6 or higher with a dongle; CP or CS version; install it and then hook up you Signmaker IV and LMK card if that's what you want to do.