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Ring Central ??


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Someone suggested an auto attendant to cut down on the spam. I'm doing a two week trial on Ring Central, does anyone use them? Do you like using them? Are there other providers that anyone else uses? It's just me and I only use one phone.


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On the side of the customer, I feel that all auto attendants are really annoying, even more so than robocalls. Get a burner phone and use that number for the business stuff that sell your number to affiliates (banking, occupational license, insurance etc) and just let it go to voicemail. Keep another phone for your actual customers. That works well for me.

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An auto attendant for a 1-man shop could be annoying to your customers. I would think that is part of your appeal - that you will answer right away. It may appear to be a little odd, too. Dial 1 for Tex.....and that's it.
On the flip side, we recently implemented an auto attendant, and it is awesome. It has eliminated all robocalls, besides the benefit of customers being able to select another person here if they want. The key is to keep the greeting very brief, don't be wordy. My regulars know the number and push it right away to me, so it doesn't even bug them.


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We are a small shop. The auto attendant option have been a great tool for us. For 95$ cnd/month we have a local number, a 800 number a fax to email with it's own number, 2 phones with each their own voice to email voicemail. If a customer call my extension, it will ring on my office and cell phone at the same time. Best of all, with the auto attendant, the lines open at 9, close at 5 and close on the weekend. First, it will tell you our business hours, then direct to the general voicemail box. We have this for over 8 years now and I like it alot.


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Well, another thought hit my head... I use the same phone number for everything...personal, business you name it. It's also $55/mo which isn't killer...but I really only want it to kill the SPAM calls so that may be a stretch just for that.

I'm thinking I may just stick with my Google Voice... Ring central is pretty neat though.. I could see where it comes in very handy for larger businesses... tons of control over how calls get routed.


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I wish I had a solution, as fully half of the calls in our office from 8-10 are all robocalls. My cell phone is almost as bad, but I just go on and hit 1 and then put them on mute & speakerphone. I hope it annoys the people with 'extended vehicle warranty' to be connected to dead air...

It's stupid bad...Had my kid in the Dr. office today and the Drs phone goes off....Robocall.

Next presidential candidate needs to make this an issue...they will win


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We use Ring central. It's awesome. The best part about it, you set it up yourself in like 10 minutes. Not Super technical - Fax to email, Voicemail to email, you can transfer to cell phones, it rings to cell phones.. you can make it ring to cell after a certain amount of rings that go unanswered. You can use your cell phone as your business line Via the App.. seriously one of the best decision we've made


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My favorite part of Ringcentral is the mobile phone app. I can call outside of the shop & none gets my mobile number. My shop number show on their caller ID.
We have had it for over 4 years & I would not go back. I can think of 2 times our service was down for unknown reason on their end for may 2 hours total.

Side note...You can easily block numbers to slow the spam calls.


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If you tell them you are "Corporate Owned", they will just thank you for your time, hang up instantly and not call back.
Give it a try.


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We have three people and get by using AT&T celluar based 'Home Phone' replacement for $26/US per month with a standard Panasonic 4 extension wireless handset. The Panasonic system allows intercom, hold etc. and best of all a function to tag/block spam calls. I set up AT&T system to rollover busy/unanswered calls to my cell so functions as a second line and voice mail. Not perfect but blocks about 1/2 of the annoying calls.


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I use Anveo, similar features to Ring Central. Separate numbers for each online store (so I know where people are calling into). Basic professionally recorded greeting and I set hours on all of my lines to only ring during business hours. It is nice to have the flexibility to forward calls to cell when needed or just flat out forward all calls to voicemail if you want to take a day off.

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Someone suggested an auto attendant to cut down on the spam. I'm doing a two week trial on Ring Central, does anyone use them? Do you like using them? Are there other providers that anyone else uses? It's just me and I only use one phone.
I use a device "Call Blocker" when a spam call rings you press the big red button and that number is remembered, then when it calls the next time only ring once...done. For the one time ( around $60) purchase, its worth it. I had a call come in before I purchased it 7-8 times a day from the same number. I would answer it...no one there! Call Blocker solved that... I agree with another comment, our representatives need to put a stop to this.

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I have used Ring Central for many years and it is a great service. I would agree that having an auto attendant is super annoying for clients, especially if you are a local shop and people come in and they can see how many people work there and how accessible everyone is. With an internet based business, auto attendant works great though.

You can block callers very easily as well once you know they are spam, etc. The app is also great for after hours to call from your personal through cell through the app as the business phone number.