Rip Error and Job Defaults

dennis j

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I am running FlexiSign Pro just updated to version 7.6V2 SP1 Build 0804.

Now I get a RIP Error when I try to output to our Edge2 and VersaCamm 540V. Also I can not get to the Job Defaults in Production Manager the buttons to get there don't work. :help:
Any one else run in to this yet?


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I don't really have an answer for you, but we use flexi's PhotoPrint DX. Has the same production manager / rip engine as flexi sign. And it works just fine. If you don't get an answer here you may want to try your question at lot of people that really know digital printing.

Mike Paul

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Hey Denis,
That's strange. Is there a rip error #?
It sounds like Flexi isn't recognizing the drivers.
Did you reboot after the install?

dennis j

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I figured out that is was the V2 updater that caused the problem uninstalled and put back in V2 and it seems to be working. I just won't do the update until they find out what the problem is.