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Rip Error and Job Defaults

dennis j

New Member
I am running FlexiSign Pro just updated to version 7.6V2 SP1 Build 0804.

Now I get a RIP Error when I try to output to our Edge2 and VersaCamm 540V. Also I can not get to the Job Defaults in Production Manager the buttons to get there don't work. :help:
Any one else run in to this yet?


New Member
I don't really have an answer for you, but we use flexi's PhotoPrint DX. Has the same production manager / rip engine as flexi sign. And it works just fine. If you don't get an answer here you may want to try your question at http://printingdigital.net/ lot of people that really know digital printing.

Mike Paul

Super Active Member
Hey Denis,
That's strange. Is there a rip error #?
It sounds like Flexi isn't recognizing the drivers.
Did you reboot after the install?

dennis j

New Member
I figured out that is was the V2 updater that caused the problem uninstalled and put back in V2 and it seems to be working. I just won't do the update until they find out what the problem is.