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RIP for HP 26500 on a Budget


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Like the title states. I'm purchasing an HP 26500 and need RIP software and I'm on a budget. What do you recommend?


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For Caldera, you need a Mac or a Linux-PC (no Windows-Version available).

Sai FlexiPRINT SE is a RIP HP themselves delivers with several Latex Printer Models in the box, it costs a little below $ 1'000 and offer all features for a smooth production (including nesting and tiling). FlexiPRINT (without SE) offers contour cutting, banner finishing and much more for a few hundred bucks more.


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If you have to go with flexi, even for a short time, save (or export) all of your designs as PDF's.
Many other sign programs can import a design in a PDF format but not the proprietary Flexi format.

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but you don't have to keep buying the upgrades when they come out either.
You will be updated with it as well. For instance, recently 12.4 b2781 showed up and we upgraded it for free using the same dongle. Profit!

Gonna do the same with Onyx Thrive 18, 18.5 is rolling out in a VERY close future.