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Roland brand VS China or aftermarket brand captops?


New Member
Not sure about Roland Brand, but we used to use aftermarket captops for our Mimaki but found we were replacing them way too often compared to OEM. So we now stick with OEM. However, we do use aftermarket dampers and haven't had any issues (knocking on wood as I type this).


Merchant Member
You could use some aftermarket parts like dx4, dx5 dampers. Some parts you just have to use original just like for DX7 heads. We had a VS540i and XR640. We sell parts. We used the aftermarket cap top and it did not work. Installed an original, choke clean, done. Working flawlessly. We buy original cap top from local Roland dealer to offer to our customers. They come in in Roland package.

Link to purchase. We can ship it out today from California. If you want it to arrive tomorrow before 12 pm, select next day shipping.