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Roland Camm1 pro information


New Member
Hi, I have an opportunity to pick up used a Camm1 pro cx300 30" with a stand for 800.00
How is this machine? Just going to be using it mainly for craft cut vinyl. It's a few years old the seller is saying. No software included. Also does it have drivers for windows 10?


Creative Director
i work with a gx-500. takes some time to make sure there's no vinyl skew if you're cutting printed graphics otherwise you'll see the skew in any borders. other than that, i'm a fan
Vinylmaster pro is cheap and works with cx300 on windows 10, this machine was released in 2001 so if the seller says it's a few years old he's lying. The machine may still work perfectly though, just make sure you do a few test cuts with different sized circles (around 1 inch), see if the edge is nice and smooth and if the lines close properly. Test it on high speed (60-70cm/sec). Test the 'eye' too, if it doesn't work the machine has lower value.