Roland Cj-500 Converted To Eco-solvent Quality Of Prints?


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Hey New Here And To The We All Know Starting A Business Is Tough,money Is Tight And We All Have Many Thing To Overcome.
So We Are Very Interested In Vehicle Wraps,im A Little Picky With My Print Quality,i Think Its Because Ive Been To The Trade Shows And Am Amazed At The Larger Printers.anyway, I'm Trying Not To Overextend Myself So We Purchased A Cj-500 Converted To Eco-sol.
My Question Is.....has Anyone Had Experience With This Setup?we Were Renting Time On A Hp 8000 And Its Prints Were Good But We Were Having Color Issues, And Paying To Correct Them Hurt Too We Found This Cj-500.
I've Rebuilt It,new Heads,pump,capping Station,dampers,ink.
It Seems To Work Well.i'm Trying To Calibrate,but Im Not Sure Of This Machine Capability?what Can I Expect To Get??is It Capable Of Printing As Nice As The Hp 8000?i Know Its Slow,i Have No Problem With That,but Print Quality I Need That.
Any Input Is Greatly Appreciated.



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I have worked with a Roland 540 that was converted - there are drawbacks from a quality point of view. Reds were an issue - they weren't vibrant and tended to have an orangish tint even after much back and forth on calbration. It did do pretty decent on everything else.

Quality on small prints was not great - detail was a bit fuzzy, but I think that was the nature of the machine as opposed to the conversion...


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Thanks For The Reply

Im Not So Much Conserned With The Color,i Mean I Am But Thats A Whole Other Ball Game(color Management).im Talking About Grainy,fuzzy Prints,or Just The Detail In General.


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I have a CJ-500 (not converted) I have gotten nice quality out of it. I am interested in how you do with the conversion. I have been trying to decide between converting this one or selling and buying a solvent.


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From What I Understand ,its Adding Heat To The Front And The Back,and Flushing The Ink,and I Think A Upgrade On The Pump To Handle The Solvent.fairly Simple But Not Too Sure On How The Heat Is Doing For Mine.we Just Got It And Are Still Trying To Get It Printing To My Satisfaction.i Think Its Not Getting Hot Enough To Make The Vinyl Recieve The Ink.not Sure Yet.will Keep You Posted.


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well after a couple days

after many hours if "testing & tweaking".i got the old cow to print a pretty decent print.i must say its not bad at all.we were using a friends hp 8000 and were having majior banding issues,color variences,etc.and paying for every square we printed/ruined.after all my work to this cj-500 its awsome.i think i just became a roland fan.compared to hp this thing is so user freindly , not like hp.but i must admit its slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
but for us were just crawling so for now so it'll do.i just need some profiles. does anyone have any?
thanks, wraps