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Roland CJ-500 Motor Error only when cutting


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I have a Roland CJ-500 that won't cut anything only prints. When I do a demo print it works fine but when I try a Demo Cut the cutting carriage starts and then immediately stops because of a motor error which doesn't throw any code or anything (just says motor error). I also reset the Motor Rotation Counter of Carriage Motor from the Motor Rot. S menu in the Service Mode but still get the same error.

I have tested my mainboard in another CJ-500 and the problem follows the mainboard. I sent in the mainboard to macmedia and they replaced some ic drivers and solenoid but still get the same error.

Has this happened on any other Roland printers with built in cutters?

Does anybody know what parts could blow on the mainboard that could cause this motor error not cutting?


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Looking at the mainboard closely it doesn’t look like MacMedia replaced IC39 and IC40 Motor Controller IC on my mainboard.

The Mac Media invoice notes say that IC37, IC38 and IC64 were replaced but looking over Roland’s CJ-500 service manual I really think IC39 and IC40 should have been replaced too. I attached a screenshot of Roland's CJ-500 Service Manual that says to replace IC37, IC38, IC39 and IC40.

I also attached a close-up picture of IC39 and IC40 on the mainboard.


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