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Roland CJ500 help


New Member
I'm looking to purchase a CJ500 for both plotting and contour cutting. I am currently running a converted Roland SJ-540 ( because its converted by Solvent printer conversion.com from a dye sub it doesn't contour cut)
Just wondering if this machine will work for what I need it for.
Do I need a windows XP or 7 driver to plot and contour cut? Can I just plot and cut with this machine? I have color rip software for the 540 and flexi 10.

I also am looking at a Titan 3 with Vinyl Master software with ARMS system running off of windows 10. Looking for the best machine to use for contour cutting and general plotting.
I dont want to get stuck with something I can't use
Anyone have insight on what I need or suggestions of which would work with the least headache?


Go Bills!
CJ500 makes a great boat anchor.

seriously, it's fricking old. I converted a few of them a very long time ago, i think i'd rather stab a pencil in my earhole than see one of them again...


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So the Titan is a better option! I know the sj5 40 is older technology but I figure I can run it long enough to make good $. I just bought it.


DIY Printer Fixing Guide
The CJ500 was released when I was still in grade school. I work on over 50 models of machines and the CJ500 is one of the worst.