Roland CJ500 Printing and Cutting problem please help


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Hi,we have been at a dead end for days now with our Roland CJ500 converted to Ecosolvent ink ill try and explain as best as i can on whats going on.First a brief description of what we are using and trying to cut.The media we are printing and cutting with is Rite Econo Gloss 54" roll.The graphics we are printing on this roll are roughly 8x5" multiple times down the 54" bed.We are using Flexisign for the cutting of our profiles from the printed area.Anyways every time we remove the printed material and we reload it into the cj500 for cutting, it scans our crop marks fine.We then send the cutting profiles to the machine and it never cuts where its supose to we have tried numerous times some being good cuts most being bad cuts but never the same results or same position as previous cuts.Please if anyone has any suggestions please list anything that may be possible in helping us.thank you
also if you need more info we will gladly respond.

these are the things we have tried with same results:
calibrated cutter
calibrated print head
zero spacing between printed profiles
upgrade cj500 firmware

so many things we tried ill add more as they come to me