Roland Color System Library Problems


i Loaded Roland Color System Library In Swatch/roland Folder. And When I Open Flexi I Go To Open Table And Select The Roland Color System And Try To Open It. And It Tells Me
roland Color System Failed To Open Is The New Roland Color System Library Not Work With Flexi 7.6 Does Anybody Know
or Had These Problem. Need Some Way To Correct Color Problems What I See On Screen Is A Diffrent Color Than What Is Printed And I'm Using The Icc Profile For Media.


Chuck Olson

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The Roland Color Library will not change the way colors look on your screen. It allows you to print out color charts from VersaWorks that show colors that have reference names (i.e. DK43K, PR27B) for predefined Custom SPOT colors.

In your design software you would pick these color names from the Roland Color Library Swatch list after looking at the chart for the color you want. I may look awful on the screen, but it will print as it is on the chart.

The trick here is that the Roland Color Swatch Library is an Adobe Illustrator "Library" file and is meant to be used in Adobe Illustrator. Technically it could be used in any program that can import Adobe Illustrator Library files. Flexi may be able to do this, but the "Library" file is of a newer type and I believe is only compatible with Illustrator 10 and up. There may a version for CorelDraw.

You might want to adjust you monitor to come more into sync with what you prints look like. Your monitor is probably displaying vivid RGB and showing you colors that you simply cannot get off of your printer.

The other thing that you can do is to try changing the Rendering Intents (Under SETTINGS>QUALITY>COLOR MANAGEMENT) until you find one that you like.

I suggest that you refer to the Help Menu in VersaWorks and read about color settings and color management.


The Problem Is It Won't Load When I Open The Swatch Table
So I Can Print It On Each Media
As A Says Failed To Sells Rep. Sent This Rolond Color System And He Said It Was New For Flexi Users.