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Roland CX-24 and Corel Draw 11 text problems


New Member
I have text that I am trying to curve up and cut on my vinyl cutter (CorelDraw 11). When I type the text 'normal' it looks fine, but when I apply an envelope to it, it gets jagged. It looks fine on the workspace, but int print preview and when it cuts it is jagged edged. I tried it as text, convert to curves, with and with out hairline outline.

ARGH! Any ideas/help??



New Member
what operating system you usin? in XP there is a font smoothing option. do you have it working. also why are you using envelope rather then FIT TEXT TO PATH? this is the one you use for bending text. also this prcess is not one of corels best. when i do this in corel i usually have to brak apart text and reset manually to get it right.


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I'm not sure what the problem is but I just tried it (using Corel 11) using the envelope feature with both True Type (text and text converted to curves) and didn't have an issue with jagged edges.


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After you apply the evelope, are you THEN converting to curves? That will make the envelope go away. If the evelope is still part of the object that could be causing driver problems. Converting the text to curves BEFORE applyling the envelope is not what I mean, BTW (which is what I think you are doing now). Definitely need to have NO FILL and BLACK HAIRLINE OUTLINE.

Follow these steps:

1) Type in text.
2) Apply envelope and manipulate as desired.
3) Convert this manipulated object to curves.
4) Make object have NO FILL and BLACK HAIRLINE OUTLINE
5) Cut

See if that helps.