Roland Fj-52 print set up problem...


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Anyone have any experience with Wondow's7 hooking up the printer cord to a USB port. My computer has no parallel or serial ports in the back like my old XP had. I bought a USB printer conversion cable fits on the end of the printer cord coming from my Roland Fj-52. I am using Flexi 7.6 and it does show up in the Production Manager, but with the wrong port, shouldn't it be a USB port to look for? I am lost on this one!


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I don't think that would solve my problem...I do have a network server already! My problem is to having my Fj-52 communicating with my computer having Wondow's7. On this computer I no longer have either serial or parallel ports and the USB port doesn't seems to work....I may need to upgrade my Flexi for a newer driver...I lam lost!


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this is the solution to your problem....

the print server plugs into the back of the FJ-52, then you just cat-5 to your router.

i have three hooked up like this...