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Roland PC-60 / PC-600 Opinions


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I am looking into expanding into the printing end of the business. Right now I am planning to just do small stuff like decals and maybe some banners. Unfortunately my budget is small so I am looking to buy used. I am interested in the dyesub technology because it will allow me to do transfers as well.

I would like to hear your opinions from current and former owners of the Roland PC-60 and PC-600. If anyone can suggest a better direction that will be appreciated also.


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Between the two, try for a PC600. Printing with either of these machines isn't the most cost effect print method. However if you'r just printing small runs and need transfer capability, they're ok. The PC60 uses alot more ribbon than the PC600 because it doesn't stop feeding the ribbon when it's not printing. This means that if you print something that's on the far left side, it feeds the ribbon as it moves across so it's just used 24" of ribbon and maybe only actually printed a very small amount. The PC600 doesn't do that, it conserves the ribbon.

Both of these machines have print heads that are very easily scratched. If the head gets scratched, then they won't print without lines in the job. It cost around $500 to replace the printhead.