Roland PC60 as a cutter only


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Anyone know how well they old Roland PC60 cutter/printer cuts. I got a line on a used one that needs a new print head, but it's selling cheap. I don't want it for printing as I have a better one but was thinking of using it strictly as a cutter. Is it worth while to use this tool this way only. Would it compare to the Summa Dseries I currently use


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I can't speak regarding the Summa, but I have a PC600 that cuts great. I have it mainly for a back up for my Graphtec.


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Slowly. Top speed is 20cm p/s as opposed to my trusty old cm300 that cuts at 85. The pc60 is designed for accuracy not speed so much.

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I've had a PC-60 for many years. The head is shot for printing but I use it for cutting almost everyday. It's getting to where I prefer it over my two old Gerber plotters.