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Roland PNC-1000A Noise Problem - Not working

Moeed Farook

Yorkshire Wrapper
Hi All

My Roland PNC-1000A is making a loud buzzing noise when turned on. The cutting head goes to the left and when it reaches the end it doesn't seem to stop, so i manually switch it off.

It's a quality built cutter and would rather fix it and keep it going. Any tips or possible causes, comments would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Twisted Grafix

New Member
We have one of these just sitting here collecting dust. We got it about 7 or 8 years ago through our exploits and have hung on to it just because. Feel free to PM me if you'd like it for a spare cutter or for parts.


New Member
Sounds like something might be up with the power supply board.. Given the age a cap has probably died and youre getting ac ripple in the dc lines