roland pnc 1100 quick question


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have a small problem with my roland 1100, if anyone can help out.
i`m using corel 12 which is great to use,after i load my vinyl, go to my corel and try to print my vinyl shots out about 15 inches and the cutter starts in the middle of the vinyl with about 12-15 inches on the floor.
i do t-shirts have no desire to do signs, i`ll leave that to the vets. i`m sure my settins are off,but to save my life i can`t get the vinyl to stop shooting onto the floor.
any and all help would be appreciated.


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I think you have to put your art to a specific corner. I used CoCut when I had Corel. But the plotter is probably reading the canvas area.


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dont need need to learn to set you PAGE to youre plotter....preview you cut...and you will see that your vut object is 12"-15" off the edge of your plotter page.....and you need to set your plotter as DEFAULT PRINTER or you have to reset this everytime you want to cut.....


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old hat goes off to to.
all weekend i`ve been trying to correct this problem,and you had the answer all along,maybe you should have written the manuel.
this is wu lung,if your ever in austin,tx look me up i owe you and the misses a free dinner. .....thanks again