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Roland PNC-960 Blade Holder


New Member
I currently use a Graphtec FC3100-60 and am looking at buying a Roland PNC-960 to replace it (having cutting issues with the graphtec). Does anyone know if a CB09 blade holder will work with the Roland? The roland that is for sale does not have a blade holder with it, and I will need to test it out before buying. The user manual for the Roland says it takes a XD-CH3 blade holder, didn't know if the graphtec holder (CB09) would work for test purposes.

Also, I can pick up the roland for $100. Looks to be in good shape by the pics. That a good deal? Thanks.


New Member
NO...the Graphtec blade holder will not work on the Roland. Not the same diameter and the Roland has an additional plastic piece that fits around blade holder and slips/locks into a slot on the z axis stepper.
With a bit of hunting you should still be able to fit the Roland parts.