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Roland RF640 problems with a new print head.


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Good day to every body.
I hope you will help me to make things done appropriately.

I've got an issue with my Roland RF-640

Firstly I've bought the list of things:
- a new print head DX6 (absolutely new)
- dampers
- inks (bag bulk)
- clean solution
- a pump for solvent.

I've connected the pump to wire tubes and cleaned each channel with a cleaning solution. I didin't want my new print head to absorb the dirt that had been collected for years. When it's been done I changed dampers to new ones.... and then installed the new print head.

Having done FILL INK function.... I tried to make a nozzle check. It was late time, nozzle check wasn't impressive, half of them were missing.... I switched the printer off and went home.

By now, I inputed ID RANK and done: FILLING - 2 times, POWERFUL CLEAN - 3 times, Bi-Dir.calib., adjusted FLUSHING POSITION.

As for ALIGNMENT HEAD - it's quite tricky and dubious. According to a service manual misalignment is compared one column of nozzles with another, meaning that the whole colums of lines in the right should be straight (or upper or lower) to the left side. I've got misalignment at the last row, and it looks like more deflective than misaligned. As long as I don't have a normal Nozzle Check... how can I align the print head?

There is a sequence which should be done after replacing a new print head:
So the second step as far as I understand is I should ascertain that all nozzles fire inks well.

As for misalignment
and should be

I can assume that misalignment is not my case.... and it is just deflection which looks like misalignment.

I've taken a photograph on DSLR camera... the file's size is around 18Mb.... please, check it out and tell me what you think....

All nozzles are firing inks however some of them firing inappropriately (deflected).

Forgotten to mention.... a cap and wiper have been cleaned, but not changed.

Thank you for any help


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