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Roland Satin Heatsoft bunching on printer


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Hey everyone! Rookie question here. I recently started using a Roland SG-540 to print various materials, but primarily vinyl heat seal transfers for garments. I haven't had any issues with it until today when the Roland Satin heat seal material started bunching up at the rollers at each end, causing the cut paths to veer off drastically. I've played around with the vacuum, cut speed, and roller widths but nothing has seemed to help. I've read that it could be due to a temperature issue, but why would it just now start causing this when its been working fine for several weeks?

Any help is much appreciated.

Edit: after further tweaking and testing, it seems like its static thats causing the material to cling to the machine and as the rollers are pulling it back and forth during the cut process, the material is bunching up. How can I alleviate this static to allow the material to slide freely?
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