Roland Soljet Pro III Black Problem...

In the past, I have printed out a couple of wraps with the same exact black. When I used Avery EZ RS I never had a problem with the black until I switched over to 3M Controltac. When it comes time to installation, I don't know whether its the 3M being stretched too much or if it can be a problem with my printer but my black's are looking like dark heavy greens when stretched. Is this a vinyl problem? An ink problem? I can't seem to figure it out! :help


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I can't say for sure, but it may how you build your black. Roland black has a green hue to it (especially noticable when printing greys). I've had a lot of luck with this combination for black: C-20 M-20 Y-20 K-100.

I use 3M controltac for all of my wraps and I can say for sure that when you really start stretch it, the colors will lighten up. Just the way it goes. I don't know of any printed vinyl that won't eventually do that. Maybe the Avery stretches a little more before the ink lightens. Can't say on that one.

Hope this helps.
Try using RBG colors (blacks are very black)... and check the profile... that you have the correct 3M profile, or that you're using a good color profile that matches your wrap media has a great 3951GRA Cast Vehicle wrap profile made for your printer and RIP...these profiles work very well .
what rgb percentage are you guys using??? Do you use that Oracle profile on 3m controltac? And benjer where is the option of the 400 of ink limit, I'm not aware of that one...


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Why not use RGB ?? , just wondering ...
can you explain ??

using cmyk will limit your printers colors. the printer can hit more colors than is contained in he cmyk gamut. i use rgb mostly but there are times when cmyk is better.