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Question Roland SP-300 head fails again


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Our SP-300 printhead no.1 Black (K) is failing -again.
(The machine has otherwise been a charm to operate and prints rather well.)

Since the machine was new in 2005 we have changed head no.1 5 times. Last time in May 2016, and now it looks like its time again as the test print shows some small flaws in the black color. It begins to show like a little fuzz on the small black letters we print, and normal/powerful cleaning does not fix the issue.

The thing that amazes me is that head no.2 has never had any trouble at all. We have had a Roland SG-540 for close to 2 years now, but have had much use for the smaller SP-300 also. We would very much like to keep the machine going a while longer, so we consider making the repairs yet again. As time goes by these heads increase in expense, so the cost begins to make a toll on the decision. Last time we payd approx. 830$/720EUR for this head, plus other service parts and freight. I wonder if someone else is experiencing the same intervall on any printheads like we do on this machine? And if so; Do you keep replacing the head?

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Have you had head strikes?

Do you replace the captops?

Are the dampers changed with the heads?

Are you using Roland ink?


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- No headstrikes.
- I replace the captops yearly
- Dampers changed with headchanges
- Roland ink always
- Frequent cleaning, changing of the wipers and the scrapers for these.

When I print in high def the fuzziness is less noticable, but this is not a fix. Just a temporary solution. :)