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I have one of the original sp-300 versacamms, got my min, 15 years of print / cut, but i am getting service call 0110 errors, and at this point Im debating weather to do a encoder strip ,print carage cable etc. or find a way to bypass the printing part of the machine as it is a pretty good cutter, the problem is wheter is does a self cleaning or i turn off then on, it tries to goes into the initial print carraige / head cleaning mode, which triggers the error, but there are times it will get to the actual cleaning mode, and i will be able to cut as a normal cutter ( just cant print as if i even try to get a print test the head comes out and i get the service 0110 error) So basically is there a way to disable the printer part of this machine and just use it as a 30" cutter?


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We use our VP540 as a cutter-only now. I don't think you can disable print mode to make a "cut only" setup.
Just use empty ink carts (pull the tabs off that stick out to signal to the machine that the carts are empty). On the machine go in and turn off the pre-heat dryer, and in the rip configure your queue so that the heat is set to off and it's to "Cut only".