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Roland SP 540 Fan Junction Board - part #876705040


DIY Printer Fixing Guide
It's located in the red circle in my image labeled #20. It looks like a very small board that is attached to the Y bar.


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DIY Printer Fixing Guide
It that the part that runs the fan, it stopped working and the vinyl won't stay flat

Unfortunately I am super unfamiliar with that particular part on this machine. If I had to guess that board looks like a junction board and probably doesn't actually do anything other than extend the cable to where ever it needs to go. On most machines I work on the fans are connected to either the main board or some sort of heater board either through some sort of junction board or just a long cable. If all the fans stopped working at the same time I would say it has to be some sort of board issue. If only 1 stopped i would suspect the fan itself. Unfortunately I have never had to repair that so I am not the best source. Hopefully someone can point you in the right direction.