ROLAND SP 540V stops printing

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My Roland SP 540V starts printing a job and then stops in the middle or whenever it decides to...and then sometimes it rips and never even gets to printer. I am ripping thru versaworks.. I do run thru a network.
Never have updated it always ask me to but my salesman told me not to long time ago ..said ther were issues with upgrade.

I keep thinking its a virus or something corrupting ...had some stupid Kodak easyshare update I click on awhile back..tried deleting all related but still thimg something is buried in there somewhere.

Appreciate any help all..:U Rock:


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SP540v stops printing and Roland VersaWorks

At this point in time there isn't any good reason not to upgrade to the latest version of Roland VersaWorks. We would also suggest updating the Network card drivers. Sometimes the driver is the culprit for these type of communication issues.

One other thing to try Initialize VersaWorks:
Start->All Programs->Roland VersaWorks Folder-> Initialize Application

Please note that you will need to write down the printer IP address and reenter the IP Address in VersaWorks. Initializing VersaWorks also clears all the jobs in the Queues.

Feel free to PM or call our Technical Support Department at 1-800-542-2307 and Press "1".

Robert Ozankan
Senior Product Manager - Color Products
Roland DGA