Roland Sp300 Could Not Cutting


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Hi, my device does not do any cutting commands, also the sheet cut button does not work! Only the cut test button works. What do you think is the problem?

Joe House

If it's cutting with the test cut button, then it would appear that the printer is capable of cutting. As a test, try the cut test at different points across the platen. If it cuts all the way across, then it's probably a file or RIP issue. If it doesn't cut all the way across, then you probably need a new cut carriage cable.
When you say the sheet cut button doesn't work - does it do nothing? or does the carriage go across, but it doesn't cut off the vinyl?
Be aware that many parts for that printer will be difficult if not impossible to find as Roland has stopped supporting it. Be careful about dumping too much money into it as you may not be able to get it working if the problem gets back to being a main board issue or something like that.

Good Luck


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Sheet cut button is mechanically no problem I opened the panel and checked it, There is no reaction when pressing or hold it