Roland SP300V printhead alignment way too far


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My printer is having the following problem, no idea how to fit it, can somebody help?
seems that the heads are not aligned.


Any ideas how to fix this correctly?
I have all calibrated that I know, no idea what to do next.

I'm able to cut and crop mark cut, print is just EEwwww. 3 days of work on queue.



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Was this test print the Horizontal Test Print from SERVICE MODE or Regular Enduser Menu?

Service Code 0107 is Linear Encoder Unsetup... (Encoder needs to be set up)

Linear Encoder Setup
Print Adjust>Horizontal & Bi-Directional
Print/Cut Adjust

Most cases I have seen where calibrations are off scale like that are caused by Servo Board issues.


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This was from Regular End user menu.

let me try it on Service Mode, I follow the linear encoder set up and all the other ones to see how it goes.

Thanks Bobby!, I need an spare printer ASAP, do you have any in stock?


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Looking for another 30" or plan on going bigger?

Give me a call or shoot me and email when you are ready to buy.

Office 678-735-3200


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Thanks Bobby for the service, I run a new print test and now my SP300V is working as good as day 1, I really have to do this more often, speed improved and quality on print is so much better.

You really save the week!... Now is time to work!! :wavingflag:

here is the new test

Thanks Bobby!:U Rock: