Roland Sp540v How is yours hooked up?


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I just bought a "Cyber Power" 550va 330 Watt to protect my machine against power surges. I started reading the instructions (can you believe it, a guy reading instructions) and it says do you not use on lazer printers. I know I don't have a lazer printer but I'm now curious to know if I bought the wrong thing for the job. How do you all have your machines plugged in and what would you recommend I do. I just want to protect the machine obviously.



we just have an APC battery back up
and we have not had any power issues since we are in our new location but in our old place we had lot of circuit breakers going out and at that time the pack was just hooked up to our gerber but it was good kept things running so we didn't lose our work


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From an IT standpoint its pretty standard that most printers will not operate well on UPS's. We here in the lightning strike captial of North America simply use a decent surge protector and stay up to date on insurance. Good luck.
Most problems are when the cold heaters start up and draw Max Amps, the UPS starts to scream as they cannot provide enough power. Use a good surge protector and unplug power and Ethernet cable when storms are predicted....and as Velocity says...get good insurance - warranties do not cover power surges, lightening, etc...