Roland Stika SX-15


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Ive seen topics about sending things to this plotter from Adobe and Corel, how do you know how big it will be or where its going to be on the piece of material? Ive only used Dr. Stika and its obvious on that program the size and the area it will print. Just thought I would ask, if it is possible to send it from those programs my life would be easier, thanks in advance, Pete:biggrin:


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Dr. Stika should already be set up as a printer once installed.
In Corel or Adobe once you have sized your graphic hit print
and select your printer and there it is.


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I use Roland CX 24 ( 24 inch wide cutter) and Dr Stika.
All of my jobs I prepare and edit in Corel X3. Final objects convert to curve (hearline widith line), copy object (ctrl+c) and paste it in Dr Stika.

Then load material in cutter and put origin point on left side.
Bottom left point in Dr Stika is origin point on cutter, so I move objects in Dr Stika to bottom left.
With Corel 12 I cutt directly from it but I have some problems with Corel X3, so I use this metod. Dr Stika is very simple and safe program so I use it for cutting.


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I cut from X3 direct to a CX24 - you have to install the cutter as a printer - drivers were on rolands site - then give your paths a hairline and hit print - you have to set up your media sizes in the advanced options of the printer dialog so you can set up whatever size you want.