Roland Truevis VG-640 cutting issues


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I'm having some issues with my Roland Truevis. When I print with cropmarks and laminate and load back in the machine, it's reading the front two crop marks but it stops about half an inch short of the back crop marks and gives a detection error. This only happens when I print and take the material out of the machine. When I print cut and leave material in it reads and cuts like normal. There is also an issue when I print cut leaving decals in the machine. The first 1/2 decals on every sheet 'ghost' cut. The machine will act as if it's cutting those, but it doesn't. After the first few it will cut the remaining decals just fine, but every time the first several do not cut or don't cut all the way. I'm very confused by this.

TL/DR: prints I take out and laminate won't read rear crop marks. Prints I print/cut miss the first few decals.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


I have noticed with my VG, (and this may not be your problem) that when I load my material back in, I have to remove the vinyl roll from the back of the machine and slide those massive media holders completely out of the way, I have noticed they kick the sheet I am cutting a little once in a while and mess up the cut. When I do this the VG cuts are dead on for anything I cut, Also, there was an actual firmware update for the VG for crop reading issues, is your machine up to date, That's all I got


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possibly answer the first bit are you leaving extra material after the back crop marks before cutting off it needs a extra 4-6 ins so the rear media eye is covered else it thinks it has run out of media


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I'll check on a firmware update. This has been a more recent issue, within the last six months or so. I'm leaving a tail on the material also!

Just odd. Always stops about a half inch short of making it to the third crop, then says it can't detect.