Roland versacamm sp300v ink problem?

I recently had a problem with dried up ink. I used cleaner around areas and a syringe to get the ink going again. My problem that I have now is with the ink. Now when it is printing the ink looks very blotchy. The ink looks really thin to where some colors it seems like i can see the white of the vinyl. Its almost like the cleaner is mixing with my ink colors to thin them out? I did several head cleanings.
I print out of signlab and all the settings have not been changed.
Has anyone else had this problem.
I would appreciate any help.

Thank you,

Dave L.

New Member

How long had the machine been down? What does your test print look like? It may be that you are not getting proper suction from the captops.
When these dry out, they tend to distort and not create a true seal around the heads.
I just tried printing out of versaworks and the colors seemed much better.
Now I'm wondering if my settings did get moved in signlab.
Does anyone print out of signlab??
I would love to be able to contact you to compare settings.
I am not familiar with versaworks but may have to use it if this doesn't get fixed.

Thank you,