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Need Help Roland Versaworks Inverting My EPS Files??


Graphic Designer
I am trying to print a black to white gradient design
for a job in Flexi 12. In order to get the output to look the way I needed it to, I had to take these steps :
  • Rasterize Vector
  • Change color mode to Grayscale
After exporting this to Versaworks, I noticed is it completely inverting the colors!
I've closed and restarted both of these applications, exported as every single file type, and checked all settings. I can't find a reasonable explanation for why this would happen. Is it just a weird quirk? I'm running Versaworks 5.5.1.

I've become desperate enough for this job that I'm now working in 'reverse' in Flexi just so it will export and invert back to correct. Has anyone else ever heard of this or know any other way to fix it?